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Day 9 [Tuesday
July 12th, 2005
Great if the mysterious island attack wasn't enough, the boars decided to pay an visit just when people tried to sleep. So again I had to grab my gun and started shooting. Others grabbed sticks or sharps objects in order to fend off. I yelled t them that you shouldn't aim for the head but should immobilze them by targetting their spine and legs.
Sadly a boars skull is thick and so doing lethal damage there is a matter of luck. It is way to easier to aim for the legs and bring them down.

Both yeager and me seemed to be succesfull in bringing down three boars, so that means food. But sadly that happend only after they had managed to strike some of us down and survivors aquired bruises and other minor injuries. The rest of the boars went off into the bushes again. But judgining by the bloodtrail they won't come too far.

I went to our doc and stated again that we *really* needed to burn the bodies. So this means gathering volunteers and shoo-ing the others away while we uncover the bodies. And naturally someone who will lead the memorial service. But I think we can leave that in the hands of Bill who is going around camp when I am scribbling down the entry.

Both Tazy and I will keep on the look out for now while the rest tries to get some sleep. She was injured as well but luckily it doesn't seem to be too dramatic.
Yeager is going to ask questions I just know it.. But I don't hope that he thinks he is getting his gun back. Because frankly I think it is safe with me.

((edit: I think there is a total of two guns currently among the survivors right?))
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Day 6 and 7 - Island Hell [Monday
July 11th, 2005
[ mood | cold ]

Tazy shared something about the nature of the island.. I must say she had a spoit.. up to this point everything is except normal. My GPS system is not broken but still it can't give me a location.. The weather changes here faster than anywehere else ( and hey I am used to holland and there we change like every 6 minutes). So I had to agree that nothing is normal here.

Had a short conversation with Ruby about nothing really and than later on with Chris. It seems that we are both one of the few non US residents here. Hence why we both sport an accent. But the day is a bit slow and it seems that more and more people realise that help is terribly late and we need to make the best of it.

I wanted to catch some sleep but Isabel insited she should check how my injuries were.. My ribs are hurting less and they are healing fine. But I am used to a bit of a rough time with them. The wounds on arm and leg are coming along very nicely so the stitches are removed.
Just when I was about to go to sleep I saw this strange smoke and a glow..


We have been on an expedition to see where the smoke came from..
Officially I wasn't supposed to come, but since I am one of the few who have done some actual missions in the jungle they asked me anyway. Sure no problem.

The trip however went bad and in the end the entire group hightailed ot of it.
I don't know what exactly happend as I was in the utmost fron of th group. All I heard was that suddenly in the back Greg seemed to have gone missing.. Tazy screamed which was the most natural thing to do and thus I shoved people out of my way grabbed the gun and went to see what was going on.
Something had greg in it's mouth and the man just kept screaming and than the jaws closed stopping the screams and leaving an eerie silence. And that everyone started to run.. urged the other to go forwards while I tried to stay in the back and provide cover for whne the beats was in for a chase. Plus when someone tripped I could be there quick nough to help them get up. In the end we made it back top the camp and everyone was present except for Greg. And my shirt was covered in the streaks of blood..

I stayed with Tazy for awhile together with Ruby.. everyoen is pretty shaken up, but than again who wouldn't be.
Jocelyn seems to be curious about what has happened.. I think she is alloeed to know so i might just go over and try to answer some question. You nevere kno when the other will start rumours because they never heard what actually went down.

And i have the idea that this was the least of what the island had in store for us.

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5th day [Monday
July 11th, 2005
[ mood | giddy ]

Ruby seems to be a nice girl.. A bit weird but nice.
I asked her if she could help me with setting out more nets and we got that taken care of pretty fast. Yeagere has been hunting yesterday an caught an boar. Wow talking about hunting skills I am actually impressed.

After I spoke to Anna Lucia about the bodies in the wreckage. As Chris had stated before it is essential that we burn them now.. With humidity they are an source of stench and whatever and seeing as we have some huge beasts around here we shouldn't give them any reason to come near us. Also I told her that we were going to get supplies from the other wreckage. She said that was okay and we made a quicklist where we should look for in particular. Both Donald and Chris seem to tag along which is probably the safest thing (even though the distance is not that far).

Before I left to go to the other wreckage I went to see AJ and Yeager.
They needed some new waterbottles which I brought them and I stopped by for another chat. I learned to withold any judgement of persons until I have seen them in action. But ntil now I haven't gotten any vibes of them which make me consider them a threat. After a while I said goodbye and stood up to walk to the forest when yeager asked me "what the hell"I was going to do. I pointed him to Donald and Chris who were waiting for me with some bags we found in the wreckage.
He told us to be carefull and I didn't tell him I had his gun... besides I think I can stand my own perfectly well.

The trip itself was not eventfull and as Yeager had pointed out there were plenty tracks that suggested the excistance of Wildlife. No time or need to hunt and thus soon we found ourselves at the remains of the plane. We gathered as much as we could and went back again, a bit hurried as for the past night we occasionally heard weird noises from this jungle.

I dropped the supplies off at Isabel, the book at Jocelyn her place and I had to tell her there was no Ipod, well there was one but that one was shattered in pieces. and I found some clothes for Taz. Jocelyn showed some of the things she found in the luggage.. we had thethankfull job of removing the batteries, but we were told to hold on to them as some of their mechanics might be usefull if we get to be stuck for longer.

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4th Day after the Crash [Saturday
July 9th, 2005
[ mood | blah ]

Well it seems that Yeager can actually talk and can crack some nice remarks as well..

Today I had the wonderfull task of gathering food from everywhere aka trying to figure out what we had. Some woman had taken a week worth of water saying she needed it for for her hair to wash it with. Honestly what is with some people? We are stranded somewhere and all they are concerned about is how they look. In the end we just took it leaving her behind while she threw an tantrum about the unfairness of it all. We have water for now but we plan to go on an expedition of some sort to see if we can find other survivors or perhaps fresh water and foodresources.

I went to sit with Anastazia forawhile and borrowed some of her thread while using some of the stockings and stuff I found in the plane. I tried to make some nets so we could go and try to catch some fish for us all. It was nice to sit there and talk about random stuff, just forgetting for a moment in which situation we are. She seems to have issues with dear old Greg too. Well it would have been easier if this was survivor, we could have voted him off than.

There must be some wildlife around here so we might be able to set up an huntingteam to provide us with food. I already told Anna and Isabel that I wouldn't mind to hunt for food .

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Third day after the crash [Saturday
July 9th, 2005
[ mood | contemplative ]

There is something in the woods and it is huge...
And I found and knife in ethe plane compartment.. I quickly put in my socks for ssafekeeping and another one I found I gave to Isabel.

It seems that the gun I found belongs to Yeager.. Or so i gather since he was packing heat I mean packing guns.. damn I start to sound like Claire.
Well since we are stranded I am playing this along the lines of "finders keepers"besides what can he do with two guns? It is much handier to have two people armed than just one esp. if one of them is not exactly the most popular of the bunch. Neither am I but hey I just got stranded.
Seems like Anna Lucia and Isabel are the unspoken leaders here. Which is great no need for me to stick out my neck and make decisions and listening to whiny pricks like Blackstock.

This afternoon he and I got in another fight
For some reasons he whined about if rations got low we have to start making decisions and kill each other off. Okay either he has read Lord of the Flies too many times, saw Battle royale or Alive while on crack but that was just wrong. And than he pointed to the frail girl and said she should be expendable..
I told him that if he ever dares to look or move at someone in any wrong way I would live up to my promise to dispose of him first. I have no idea what his issues are but all I know I hope he serves as lunch for the jurrasic park animals.

Isabel asked me to bring Yeager and his villian!boy some water. For some reason (which i can understand) the others seem not keen on going near to him.
Just walked over to their encampment and was almost growled at by Ryan... It could have been impressive if it wasn't for this whole situation being bloody ridiculous.
He asked me to get him some other stuff so I just take that to him now.. let's see if he has any interesting to say.

EDIT: There seems to be a bookwurm here..
I might go up to her and ask if she needs more.. the wreck I landed is not far from here and it had laso books in the luggae. Let's just hope she doesn't mind Grisham and Stephen King.

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Second Day after the Plane crash (evening) [Thursday
July 7th, 2005
[ mood | cranky ]

During my quest for the sea I encountered two others who where probably thrown out of the plane with me. One of them is called Laura Talbot and the other guy with her doesn't say a damn word. But that is understandable during these circumstances.

After hiking for about an hour or two I finally reached the shore with the two others. And to my amazement I saw many more people there. And this time they weren't even dead although with some of them that is quite a pity. It seems that I had been knocked out for longer than I thought as this was the second day after the crash. Also there was a much shorter way from our crash site to the shores. Sadly the crash survival package didn't come with an map of the island.

Some guy by the name of Chris saw me comig out of the forest/ jungle and almost scared the living daylights out of me by suddenly jumping in front of me. I wanted to reach for my gun but luckily I decided againt it. I met some others and asked for what had happend at their site.. Seems like we have an murderer and FBI agent in our midst. Great!
Got my wounds treated and the wound on my leg stitched and than helped trying to get anything valuable from the craft. Once there I was shocked to find so many bodies still in their seats. As not everyone was keen on joining this little holiday in the wreckage I was left with a few others and systematically we went throught the bags and other spaces.

Gregory Blackstock and I got in an fight about halfway through the day. I don't know what his issues are but Hello? We crashed and now he acts like he is our great elected leader. Than he started making random comments.. some of them would be enough to make someone else back away. But I frankly had it with him.. So i did what was natural, grabbed him by his shirt and hissed to him that with one more word I would personally make sure we would have one survivor less left. I think he will be off my case for now.

After a few hourse the night was setting in and I returned to the campfire/ signal fire.. When everyone was sitting down i got some good look at my fellow survivors and saw that we were quite a funny bunch. But seeing most of them I thought it was best to lie low forawhile. Just go with the flow..

Let's see what do we have so far?
Anastazia or whatever it is spelled Seems like a nice girl and one of the few who actually seems to be knowing what she is doing.
Ryan Yeager - Federal agent or so he claims.. he is the resident babysitter of some killer. Seems to have a sort fuse and all he has done so far is looking pissed off. Like he has some majore issues.. well you and me both babe.
AJ Archer - Resident killer although it is too early to jump to conclusions. And who am I to judge it is not that I am innocent well actually I am very far from that. Seems like a tough guy anyway.
Chris Nice guy, he was the one who first saw me stepping on the beach. Later on he helped me run through the wreckage. Still he looks a bit dazed and not totally on the plain of excistance.
Gregory Blackstock Has issues and is an issue, the kind of guy that will surely mess up at some point to the ruin of someone else. I will just have to make damn sure that person won't be me.

And there is this very pale girl, I don't know what her nam is but she looks very frail but yet very lively. Weird people here..

Call me insane but i like to keep a list of people.. makes it easier when counting heads and whatnotmore when we go off to the jungle expedition. Seemingly I volunteered for that without my knowledge.. must be Gregory's idea. He better watch his back as his continous meddling is pissing me off. And so his random babbling.

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Day 1 - Crash and Land [Wednesday
July 6th, 2005
[ mood | aggravated ]

Great, I have crashed in a godforgotten Jungle...
It was that I am not 6 years old anymore but the current situation is just screaming for me to throw and hissyfit and start glaring at random persons. Sadly I am far too busy to throw hissyfits and all the persons around me are dead.
Well the only good thing about this is that from the persons / fellow passengers I only killed one. The rest were already far gone after the plane made it's dive. I survived but ended up with bruises and two broken ribs as well as an big gaping wound on the leg. Luckily this was cleaned fast with the things I found in handluggage.

There were around 5 persons with me at the crash site and 4 of them were DOA aka Dead on arrival (as in when I woke up). You didn't have to be an expert to see that. There was still one elderly man alive, but he was beyond hope to be saved. Two broken legs, broken leg and pierced on on the remains of a treestump. I did what he asked and what was only the humane thing to do. I killed him.

Luckily during my search for non ripped clothes and painkillers I stumbled across an gun and ammo. Needless to say I took it with me as means to defend myself. Beter in my hands than in the hand of some lunatic who thinks he is JohnmcClane incarnated.

I buried the bodies as good as I could and than made a plan..
This is only a part of the plane, aka the rest of the rear, the middle and the cockpit are still missing. Perhaps they were lucky like me and are in this jungle somewhere. Still I have to be carefull as from the sound of it, Jurrasic Park has landed here as well.
So I took my handbag, and found a backpack which I filled with essentials like clean bandages, medicines (as far as I could find any) and food and drinks. Now I hear a very faint sound of a sea, my guess is than any survivors will go there.
Let's get it on.

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